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Information for Solar Contractors and Installers

Solar installers and contractors are a major constituent group of Go Solar California! This page is set up to help you find materials that you will need to do your job and so that people can find your company.

Here are some handy places to visit:

Solar Hot-Water Systems Contractors

Contractors and self-installers must become certified to participate in the California Solar Incentive-Thermal Program by taking a one-day training class offered by the CSI-Thermal Program Administrators. Classes are currently conducted in all service territories. Contact your CSI Thermal program administrators for training classes and other information on how to apply for rebates.

Contractors, Equipment Installers, Sellers, Vendors, or Retailers
Please Note...

You no longer need to file an NSHP Form 4 to register for the database. Self-registration for new companies wishing to be added to the Solar Registered Retailers, Installers, and Contractors Database can be done at:

Sellers, contractors, or installers that are already listed in the online Database should maintain or update their information on a regular basis. This can be done using the log-on account name and password provided when the company registered. Updates can be done online at: