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Contacts for Solar Organizations

Solar Industry, Advocacy, and Educational Group Contacts

Contacts for Solar Equipment Vendors

If you are a consumer, you can find a solar vendor by visiting the PV Equipment Contractors, Vendors, or Installers listing. You can search for vendors by name or ZIP code.

If you are a contractor, vendor, seller, or retailer of eligible equipment:

Contacts for Solar Equipment Manufacturers

If you are a consumer, you can find solar equipment eligible for rebates by manufacturers by visiting the Equipment Section of the website.

If you are a renewable energy equipment manufacturer, you may have your product placed on our lists of eligible equipment, please go to our Add Equipment Section.

For general questions about equipment eligibility, please contact

Contacts for Performance Data Providers

If you are a consumer looking for a Performance Data Provider, or if you are a Performance Data Provider looking for more information, please see the Performance Data Provider page.

Contacts for Solar Hot Water Eligible Contractors

If you are a consumer looking for a Contractor that can participate in the CSI-Thermal program, see the Eligible Solar Hot Water Contractors List.