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Multifamily Affordable Solar Housing (MASH)

Multifamily Affordable Solar Housing (MASH)

Affordable housing customers in California now have clean solar energy with the California Solar Initiative's Multi-family Affordable Housing Program (MASH).

Building owners can install solar PV systems to offset energy used in their building’s common areas, and receive higher rebates for the energy they share with tenants.

M A S H Incentive Rates ($/Watt)
Track A:
PV System Offsetting
Common Area Load
Track B:
PV System Offsetting
Tenant Load
$1.90 $2.80

For more information on how this works, please see the Virtual Net Metering page.

Program Goals

Please note, due to popular demand the MASH incentive budgets are fully spent for PG&E and CCSE service territories and each is compiling a waitlist to serve customers when other projects drop out and money becomes available. SCE has limited funding available and continues to accept applications.

Statewide MASH Track 1 Program Progress

California Solar Initiative Multi-family Affordable Solar Housing
Statewide Snapshot
Number of Completed Projects CCSE: 34
PG&E: 101
SCE: 58
SUM: 193
Capacity (MW) of Completed Projects CCSE: 1.869
PG&E: 4.666
SCE: 3.581
SUM: 10.116
Number of Projects Reserved CCSE: 5
PG&E: 75
SCE: 64
SUM: 144
Capacity (MW) of Projects Reserved CCSE: 0.627
PG&E: 6.608
SCE: 5.798
SUM: 13.033
Number of Application Under Review CCSE: 0
PG&E: 14
SCE: 14
SUM: 28
Capacity (MW) of Applications Under Review CCSE: 0
PG&E: 1.572
SCE: 3.023
SUM: 4.595
Statewide Average MASH Project Costs
CCSE: $7.04
PG&E: $7.67
SCE: $7.52
AVG: $7.41

Source:, June 31, 2012

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